Slik klargjør du brisket

Pro Teamet til Traeger har satt sammen denne hendige steg for steg guiden til hvordan du klargjør brisket for konkurranse.
I og med at Oslofjord BBQ Challenge ikke er langt unna, tenkte vi du kanskje kunne ha bruk for denne.

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Slik skjærer du brisket



1. Start with fat cap up — pat dry with paper towel. (Photo 1)
2. Trim fat cap so it is about an even 1/4 inch layer. (Photo 2)
3. Flip over and trim off all fat and silver skin off the top. (Photo 3)
4. Cut out large chunk of hard fat found where the flat and point connect. Slice down until you start to hit the meat (this fat won’t render and won’t add any flavor to the brisket). (Photo 4)
5. Trim edges to square up brisket shape as needed, and keep shape of brisket uniform so it cooks evenly. (Photo 5)
6. Cut brisket to size for comp box — it will be about the middle 8-9 inches of the brisket. (Photo 6) •Slice into fat in between flat and point, removing fat as you go to expose meat on the point. •Keep lower part of flat intact to protect the center meat.
7. Take knife and scrape the top to clean up knicks and even out brisket for presentation. (Photo 7)
8. Slice off tip against the grain so you can easily remember where to slice when it is cooked and harder to see the direction of grain. (Photo 8)


1. Starting at the end of the flat, inject every inch using a 1 inch checkerboard pattern across entire brisket. Inject the point randomly throughout. Once entire brisket is injected, rub the injection juices seeping out of top across the brisket. This will help the seasoning stick. (Photo 9)


1. Flip brisket so fat cap side is up and start seasoning with rub. (Photo 10)
2. Shake rub starting on edges, then move across fat cap. (Photo 11)
3. Flip over meat side up and shake seasoning across top. (Photo 12) 4. Let brisket sit with rub for 4-8 hours refrigerated to allow rub to set.


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